Citizens Against Airport Noise and Pollution (CAANP) is a grassroots organization of committed, well-organized community members of Orange County, California, who have been significantly impacted by the increased noise and pollution from low flying aircraft emanating from John Wayne Airport (JWA) since the implementation of the FAA’s NextGen air transportation system.  We seek relief from this increased pollution and excessive noise, presently “controlled” by an antiquated noise limitation system. We seek relief on behalf of all Orange County residents who are suffering as a result of the FAA’s arbitrary GPS-reliant program, enacted in full disregard for the health and well-being of those living beneath and in close proximity to the current JWA flight paths.

Although we continue our efforts to reduce the noise and pollution emanating from JWA since the implementation of NextGen, we are also directing our efforts toward stopping the further expansion of JWA. We view this as the biggest threat to the quality of life in Newport Beach.


Currently, we are actively opposing the County's proposed General Aviation Improvement Project (GAIP). Through the GAIP, the County plans to make minimal changes required by the FAA; however, also plans to "modernize" JWA by significantly reducing the current general aviation (GA) fleet of small prop planes to make room for large corporate, shared-charter and private jets under the guise of GA. To do this the County proposes adding large hangars to attract a new GA jet fleet and new international GA facilities. We are concerned about this because: (1) Small prop planes are relatively quiet compared to GA jets. (2) Commercial jets are subject to the annual passenger cap, daily departure limit and nighttime curfew, GA jets are not. (3) By increasing the GA jet fleet at JWA, there will be an escalation in the noise and pollution we already endure. (4) There may be additional security risks because most "on demand" GA jet travelers don't go through existing TSA security screening required of commercial travelers. (5) Although the GAIP doesn't enlarge JWA's existing footprint, it will increase the numbers of GA jet flights and passengers, especially during curfew hours, which is tantamount to expansion.


Citizens Against Airport Noise and Pollution (CAANP) is an organization dedicated to a reduction in the noise and pollution generated from John Wayne Airport.


CAANP is committed to working with the County of Orange (owner and operator of JWA), all JWA-based airlines, our local city governments, as well as our state and federal government, and the FAA, to reach our goals of a permanent reduction in airport noise and pollution, and a return to the quality of life we once enjoyed.  To accomplish these goals, we: 

  • Urge the airlines using JWA to update their fleets to the quietest available aircraft;

  • Urge the airlines using JWA, within all appropriate safety parameters, to instruct their pilots to return to past noise abatement procedures that include maximum altitudes, engine cutbacks and minimal engine thrust until well over the ocean;

  • Urge the FAA to implement departures from JWA that follow the contours of the Newport Beach's Back Bay en route to the ocean;

  • Urge the FAA to implement and maintain departure routes for commercial aircraft that turn over the ocean, not over populated communities and schools;

  • Urge the FAA to direct JWA-departing commercial aircraft that have turned over the ocean to resume routes over populated areas only after reaching maximum allowable altitudes;

  • Urge the FAA to work with all Orange County communities beneath the JWA flight paths; 

  • Urge that a comprehensive environmental impact study be conducted, using all of the most current data, to determine the health impacts caused by airplane emissions and the most effective means of controlling them; and

  • Urge our elected officials to pass legislation requiring the FAA to work with affected communities before altering established flight paths.

  • Urge the Board of Supervisors and other elected officials to act responsibly to protect the health and well-being of the communities most impacted by the pollution and noise emanating from JWA, meaning no more JWA expansion.


It can be done. It has been done. It should be done.